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What Exactly Is Trauma Informed Care?

Being a survivor of trauma can impact your life in so many different ways. In recent years, we have collectively begun to better understand the impact of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition to that, care for trauma survivors has become more tailored to their specific life experiences.

Symptoms of trauma look a little different for those impacted by it. But if you are a trauma survivor, you might be prone to flashbacks, nightmares, or feelings of depression. Recognizing this can help you seek out a professional who specializes in trauma informed care.

What Is Trauma Informed Care?

Trauma informed care is an approach that is specifically designed to allow trauma survivors to feel cared for and secure in their environment. Along with offering the most successful care possible, specialists devoted to practicing trauma informed care raise awareness surrounding trauma.

There are several pillars to practicing trauma informed care. While all healthcare professionals act with care and compassion, we make it a priority to employ these pillars to best serve survivors of trauma.


Building trust with your doctor or therapist is absolutely crucial in providing effective trauma informed care. Survivors of trauma may have had their trust broken through past relationships that caused trauma. Establishing trust and transparency early in your relationship with a therapist will help you be open with them as well.


Of course, safety is always of the utmost importance when it comes to receiving any kind of counseling. This is even more true when it comes to providing trauma informed care. In order to heal, you must feel safe in your environment, both mentally and physically.


Inspiring confidence and feelings of empowerment will help you feel more secure in yourself and your own abilities. Trauma informed care should help you realize you can bounce back from anything, including past traumas.

Peer Support

Speaking with other trauma survivors to share your individual stories is a great reminder that you are not alone. This will help to validate your feelings and create bonds with other individuals. It may be easy to draw into yourself after experiencing trauma, but it’s vital to allow yourself to experience new relationships.


Working with your therapist to create a plan that works for you is a great way to regain autonomy. Participating in the decision-making process helps you to feel confident in your own abilities and strength.

Why Is Trauma Informed Care Important?

There are so many benefits to trauma informed care. Successful trauma informed care shifts the focus of therapy to discovering the root of your trauma through past experiences, how it currently affects you, and how to heal. Seeking a therapist who practices trauma informed care will help you face your trauma head-on and begin to mend.

Seeking Help

Being a survivor of trauma, you might think it is easier to seal yourself off to avoid further pain. This, however, will not help you in the long run. Seeking out your trauma and reconciling with it is all a part of the healing process. Sometimes, this might be painful. Still, this will not help you heal.

Pursuing trauma informed care will help you to overcome your past and will allow you to move into the future with confidence. Your current relationships with friends and family will benefit as well as any relationships you have yet to experience.

Getting the proper help you need can be scary. At My Therapy Space, Inc., it doesn’t have to be. I will work with you to overcome your trauma with the best care possible. To get started, get in touch today.

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