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When anxiety takes over... 


No matter how much you get done, nothing feels like enough. As time has gone on you've actually become less productive, no matter how hard you try to get organized. The more pressure you put on yourself, the more scattered you feel. You used to be able to force yourself into perfection, but it isn't working anymore.

Anxiety Treatment
Freeing Yourself From Constant Worry. 

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Therapy for Anxiety in Midtown East, Manhattan

& Garden City, Long Island


Is Chronic Stress Taking Its Toll?

Do you struggle with imposter syndrome or lack confidence in your abilities? Is it difficult for you to be social, connected, and comfortable in your relationships? Has everything from daily stressors to life’s big, existential questions become overwhelming?

No matter how organized you are, you probably feel like you can never accomplish all that’s expected of you. Between work, school, relationships, and other commitments, there’s not enough time in the day. Under the pressure of it all, you feel a heaviness that manifests in disruptive symptoms and changes in your productivity. 

You may have noticed that you’re always on edge, agitated, or quick to frustration. Physical symptoms of panic, like shaky hands, heart palpitations, and lightheadedness further your discomfort and anxiety. You’re probably exhausted from all the stress and worry at the end of the day, yet you can’t seem to quiet your mind to relax or fall asleep. 

Anxiety has a way of causing you to overthink and dwell on perceived flaws. Overly concerned with failing, hurting, or disappointing others, you may ruminate over your interactions or feel stuck inside your head during social situations. Our culture of technology only worsens anxiety, as it forces you to always be “on,” available, and aware of everything—from looming crises to work demands to all of the ways you aren’t measuring up to your peers. 

At the core of many anxiety symptoms is fear, a feeling that sooner or later, the other shoe is bound to drop. You’ve done everything you can to check every box and cultivate a sense of control, so why do you struggle to feel accomplished?

Though it’s making life feel burdensome and uncomfortable, your anxiety is trying to protect you from something. In therapeutic treatment for anxiety, you can find out what that something is so you can learn to live with more confidence, presence, and satisfaction.

Anxiety Is The Most Common Mental Health Hurdle In This Country

Anxiety is a healthy, adaptive response to perceived threats, which is why anxiety disorders are prevalent throughout our society. Our fight or flight response allows us to avoid danger, like when we catch ourselves from falling or swerve away from a car that makes a wrong turn. And feelings like nervousness and worry can be motivating as they help prepare us for what’s ahead. 

Unfortunately, the culture we live in is so full of overwhelming stimuli and unrealistic expectations that everyday occurrences have turned into alarm bells. With this urgency, we are forced into an unsustainable cycle of productivity, perfectionism, and self-doubt. Soon, that which began as a natural response to danger quickly escalates into daily symptoms, panic attacks, and an anxiety disorder. 

Attachment Injuries Increase The Chance Of Fear-Based Thinking

In addition to the cultural factors that contribute to anxiety, we all bear emotional wounds that impact our coping and self-perception. If we’ve experienced a rupture in our early relationships—also known as attachment injuries—we can develop fearful, worrisome thinking that allows us to feel protected. 

Unaware of an imbalance in emotional attunement with others, we carry these anxious patterns into adult relationships. Yet, in a demanding culture that doesn’t prioritize mental health, it is difficult to develop the awareness needed to overcome our fears.

Therapy gives you an opportunity to understand what anxiety is telling you so that you can adjust your response and live more comfortably. With the skills and insights you gain in counseling, you can cultivate a more peaceful existence.

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Anxiety Treatment At My Therapy Space, Inc. Addresses Core Trauma And Promotes Healing

Anxiety is challenging, and you’re a strong person to get up every day and face your symptoms. Let me help to ease that burden as you develop a more mindful, aware, and self-compassionate outlook in therapy. With my approach to anxiety treatment, you can learn to address your fear at its roots and adjust the relationship to your emotions. 

At My Therapy Space, Inc., counseling for anxiety is customized in a way that honors your background and goals for treatment. I am committed to developing a therapist-client relationship that will allow you to feel prioritized and seen in your experience with anxiety. Because my approach to anxiety treatment draws from evidence-based, trauma-informed, and holistic methods, I will help you target uncomfortable symptoms gently and change worries. 


You can manage your stress response and develop a healthier perspective on what your anxiety signals. 


My Approach

Using the gentle coping skills you learn in therapy, you can achieve a more sustainable baseline, allowing you to feel more comfortable and relaxed on a daily basis. From there, we can address the root of your anxiety. 

As an Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist, I am particularly interested in how past relationships and emotional wounds have shaped your experience of the world. IFS therapy can help you create a dialogue with your anxiety so that you can better understand how it works, how it is trying to protect you, and what it needs so that it doesn’t have to exhaust your system. With less fear and more awareness, you will be able to face and process the trauma at the core of your anxiety symptoms. 

I am invested in your healing, and my specialized approach to therapy can help you find relief. Anxiety has compromised your self-esteem, but a refreshed and healthy perspective is possible. Together, we can conquer your fears and increase your confidence. 

Perhaps You’re Tired Of Living With Anxiety But Not Sure If Counseling Is For You…

Can’t I just take medication for my anxiety?

Medication can be beneficial, especially when it comes to the treatment of acute symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks. Yet, medication only works temporarily, and it doesn’t target core causes of anxiety. 

Therapy can help you understand your anxiety on a deep level so you can heal on a deep level. By learning lifelong skills for emotional regulation and stress management, you can find lasting relief from the discomfort created by anxiety. 

Therapy is expensive.

Counseling is an investment to yourself, offering deep healing. With the support of a therapist, you can escape the cycle of anxious thinking to instead move toward a life of joy and freedom. I have helped many clients manage their anxiety symptoms, develop a healthier relationship with their fears, and regain a sense of control in their lives. 

Though I do not accept insurance, I am happy to discuss out-of-network reimbursement options with you to help offset the cost of therapy.


I am worried that therapy will open up the floodgates, and I won’t be able to function anymore. 

As a therapist, I welcome all of your feelings while acknowledging that your comfort is essential to this process. That is why we will move at your pace in therapy. I will never force you to open up a “flood gate” or move too fast, too quickly.


Instead, I view anxiety treatment as an opportunity to crack open the lid, little by little, as you become more and more comfortable with your feelings. Many of my clients actually find this process very beneficial, as they learn to feel safe when exploring emotions. But the goal is to heal—never to push.

You Can Manage The Stress You Feel

I am invested in your healing, and I believe that anxiety treatment is the key to a more enjoyable, sustainable life. 

My Therapy Space, Inc. serves the Manhattan and Garden City, Long Island communities. Find out more about how I can help by scheduling a free consultation

I specialize in anxiety treatment, depression treatment, trauma therapy, and IFS therapy

My Therapy Space, Inc. services Midtown East in Manhattan, NY and surrounding areas including Kips Bay, Murray Hill, Turtle Bay, and Upper East Side. 

My Therapy Space, Inc. services all of Nassau County including Garden City, Mineola, Westbury, Franklin Square, and New Hyde Park

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