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Treating Anxiety, Depression, and Trauma
in Midtown East, Manhattan & Nassau County, Long Island 

At My Therapy Space Inc., I use an integrative and individualized approach in my treatment. I utilize a range of the most current, evidence-based modalities in my psychotherapy practice, and treatment is unique to each person's specific needs. 


The relationship between therapist and client is an incredibly important part of the therapeutic process. Together - we take the time to understand the causes and consequences of emotional distress, increase self-understanding, and adopt new attitudes towards life situations. We explore defining childhood occurrences that have impacted emotional functioning, challenge negative or irrational thoughts, heal long-standing wounds, come to understand how different parts of ourselves both protect us and control us, and gain positive coping skills that allow us to come back to ourselves.

At My Therapy Space Inc., I am incredibly passionate about continuing to advance and build on my knowledge and have trained in a wide range of therapeutic techniques.


Some Of My Modalities

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

IFS believes we all have "parts," sub-personalities within us that each play a role in helping us deal with life's challenges. Sometimes, these parts are wounded because of pain they've experienced and need healing. IFS therapy also believes we each have an intrinsic "self" - a wise, healing energy that lives deep within us. By connecting to this energy, we are able to heal our own wounded parts and free them from their restrictive roles. 

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic therapy is the more modern take on classic Freudian psychoanalysis. In this approach, we delve into emotions, belief systems, and patterns of behavior. We explore how your childhood experiences have shaped and impacted you. We come to understand the defense mechanisms we use to help ourselves cope with difficult situations. By understanding ourselves better, we can also learn how we can improve our coping mechanisms. 

Somatic & Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

This treatment modality focuses on being in the present moment as opposed to getting lost in our thoughts of the past or the future. By using our senses and staying in our body, we can come to a place of greater calm, peace, and safety. Somatic experiencing involves getting back in touch with our body and learning to regulate our experiences. Mindfulness-based therapy teaches acceptance, and how to see life from a different perspective. 


Therapy (DBT)

DBT was developed from ideas taken from CBT therapy. A main tenant of DBT is that situations in life can be viewed as a dialectic - that is, there are always two ways of looking at a situation, and nothing is black and white. This view is the basis for many of the skills DBT teaches about acceptance of things as they are, regulating emotions, and communicating effectively with others.  

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT involves a two-step approach and works especially well for anxiety disorders. Step 1 focuses on challenging irrational thoughts (i.e. Does the perceived danger really exist? What is the evidence that it exists? How likely is it that this bad thing will happen?) and step 2 involves changing your behavior to match the more logical and rational thinking (i.e. challenging yourself to do the scary thing, since you know there isn't a true danger). 

Online Therapy

Online Therapy Can Help In Uncertain Times. 
FAQ About Online Therapy
Does Online Therapy Really Work? 
Absolutely, and many people like it better than in-person therapy. Online therapy saves you the hassle of commuting to therapy, and often allows you to have more control of your environment. All the treatment modalities described above can be used through online therapy. 

Does online therapy work as effectively as in-office therapy?

Seeing a therapist online is the next best thing to seeing one in person. Research suggests online mental health counseling is as effective as in-office therapy.

How Can My Information Be Kept Private Through Online Therapy?
Your privacy is of the utmost importance. To ensure our sessions are completely private and your digital information is secure, I use a web conferencing program that complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as a variety of international standards. You'll also want to do everything possible to make sure you are in a private space where it is unlikely you will be heard or interrupted throughout the sessions. You may also want to turn off any notifications from your computer or smartphone during sessions. 

Trainings & Certifications



Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

Certified Clinical Telemental Health Professional (CTMH)

Certificate Training in Treating Complex Trauma using Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)

Certificate Training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)



Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) Level 1

EMDR Trained


Couples Therapy for Treating Trauma: The Gottman Method Approach

Emotional Eating, Chronic Dieting, Bingeing and Body Image

Compassionate Inquiry​ with Gabor Mate, MD

Polyvagal Theory in Action

​Mindfulness: The Art & Science of Presence 


I specialize in anxiety treatment, depression treatment, trauma therapy, and IFS therapy

My Therapy Space, Inc. services Midtown East in Manhattan, NY and surrounding areas including Kips Bay, Murray Hill, Turtle Bay, and Upper East Side. 

My Therapy Space, Inc. services all of Nassau County including Garden City, Mineola, Westbury, Franklin Square, and New Hyde Park