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Big Moments & Anxiety

Hi everyone.

Yesterday was my birthday, and with birthdays come the inevitable reminiscences about life - looking back over the years at what you've accomplished so far, feeling grateful, remembering the trials and tribulations you've overcome - but perhaps also the missteps you've taken along the way, possibly even some feelings of regret over opportunities missed out on or things you wish you had by now.

While everyone experiences important days in their lives differently, often big moments can bring on feelings of nervousness. Feeling this type of tension once in a while is absolutely normal, and is actually an adaptive survival tactic, but it's important to know the difference between a once-in-a-while feeling and the more persistent, severe form.

Anxiety, while it may feel like nervousness, is actually a form of FEAR - fear of failure, of social inadequacy, of disappointing the people we love, or of losing control. In therapy, we challenge these fears and ask ourselves whether they have a genuine basis in reality, and we learn coping skills to make those voices in our heads telling us what we can't do quiet down.

The Psychology Today Website has a quick and easy Anxiety Test that can help you get a sense of your level of anxiety -

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